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About Us

Who We Are

Discount Fragrances SA is a direct online sales company, offering clients a wide range of reject brand name perfumes as well as Authentic U.A.E Manufactured fragrances at unbeatable rates. Established on the ideals of individualism, Discount Fragrances SA offers perfume products for everyone to enjoy. We believe that each one of our clients is unique, which is why we provide personalized guidance. These reject perfumes are no longer stranger among us. There are sellers everywhere that sell them. Any product can be a reject even a no name product. All your favourite perfume brands are now available at reduced prices, due to being reject perfumes. Please make sure to read the contents under “Disclaimers” before you make a purchase. We are a 100% online store only. Perfumes are not local and purely imported and are not local stock in anyway. The fragrances are not manufactured locally and are imported from another country, without the consent of the intellectual property right owner. Reject Stock at Factory Prices.

The site and its contents are provided on an “as is” basis and Discount Fragrances SA makes no representations or warranties of any kind.

Dubai Fragrances

We do also have exquisite brands, such as named “Dubai” Fragrances, which is imported straight from the U.A.E Manufacturing Fragrance House, which DOES NOT fall under the description of our reject perfumes. They are Authentic Fragrance House from Dubai, also such as Lattafa, Emper, Fragrance World and Pendora which some is Authentic Arabic brands and many Original Authentic brands whom has inspired ingredients from your know commercial brands such as Dunhill, Chanel, Marc Jacobs etc. Please do have a browse through them, as they have been taking the marker by storm with their exquisite long lasting scents.


Delivery costs

We’ve kept things simple with a low R100 standard delivery fee.

When are orders delivered?

All orders are processed within 24 hours, weekends excluded, and dispatched to couriers within 2-5 business day once payment is received. You can expect your order to be delivered within 2-5 business day thereafter if you’re in a City Centre and up to 4-7 business days for Outlying Areas. Couriers will only deliver to you Monday to Friday (excl. Public Holidays). Payments for orders reflecting in our bank accounts after 8am will be processed the following business day.

Tracking information

You will receive notification of your tracking number once your order is dispatched to the couriers. If you do not receive your tracking number within 2 business days, please contact us!

What time do couriers deliver?

It’s best to have your orders delivered to an address you will be available during 8am and 5pm – Mon to Friday (excl. Weekends and Public Holidays).

What happens if I miss the couriers?

Couriers will attempt to contact you on your cell phone. Please look out for this call on the day of delivery. This is especially important when delivering to complexes and residential estates.

If your have questions or haven’t received your order, please contact us.

Our Reject Fragrances

These are Reject Perfumes for people who cannot afford the High Retail Price. They look & smell the same & come sealed in their original branded box but you might perhaps in some cases have to spritz them again at lunch time. At times the concentrate or smell may differ slightly due to different Manufacturing outlets and alcohol bases used.  It is hard to say how long the smell will last as at times you could get one that last longer than another time. Or they might have a small defect to the bottle, or packaging. Some Perfume may have older packaging than the newer available ones you know in retail stores, as designs are improved frequently. If that’s a hassle then we kindly suggest you  rather buy from your Local Retailer at the FULL price. Although these perfumes are ideal for everyday use, and much affordable, and loved by many of our regular customers whom buy from us on a monthly basis. 
We have very happy customers, that does purchase from us continuously. Kindly do read the Disclaimers section at top of page. ( The Disclaimers are not applicable to our second option fragrances named Dubai Fragrances )

Not all rejects are done in the factory plant itself but may also occur after sale…     

  • Kindly note that the fragrances are made in differing factories as original SA store bought fragrances and brought into South Africa as reject stock; and
  • The fragrances are NOT labelled as fake fragrances, as fake fragrances are labelled incorrectly, and named differently.

1. The quality of the fragrance may vary. All brands do not have the same quality, as some brands have been circulating for longer periods than other fragrances, and we cannot always guarantee which fragrance/brand has been in a longer period of circulation or not.

2. You may purchase a fragrance, in which the quality of packaging may also be different, as the packaging may be an older design because designs get redesigned over time as well.

3. These are rejected fragrances. They are not store quality and neither are they store-purchased fragrances. However, these fragrances are still great value for money, as they are not remakes made in China.

4. It may happen in the case of imported fragrances from other countries, that the concentration levels of the fragrances may be different to that of the local fragrances that you would find in your local retail store. This is because they are manufactured in different manufacturing factories. They use varying alcohol bases around the world i.e. uses grape-based alcohol; Europe uses a potato-based alcohol (Vodka), and the USA uses a grain-based alcohol.

5. Reformulation of fragrances occurs often, which gives rise to a variety of vintages and batches, hence the same fragrance can vary in scent from one country to another, depending on where it was made or imported from. Therefore, in some instances, our fragrance may not last long as the local fragrance that you are used to.

6. We are not claiming that this would be the result of your purchase, however it could in some cases be the result.

7. These are imported fragrances. We cannot guarantee the result of the fragrance, since as these are fragrances are not purchased from a store but are imported as reject fragrances. We do not physically assess every box individually to see the cause of its reject.

8. All fragrances are premium alcohol-based fragrances.

1) AFTER SHIPPING REJECT… – after shipping reject is one of the common rejects for all products. Most of the case, its only effect the packing (box) but not the bottle. Stock could have been exposed to extreme heat conditions for lengthy periods of time. Since people won’t buy any defect items at the counters as customers only demand for the perfect item even with the box, this rejected item will end up at the warehouse.                   

2) FACTORY REJECT… – it would be impossible to produce products without reject. Most factories achieve 99.8% yield (output) where 0.2% is rejected e.g. 99.8%x1000000 = 998000 bottles. The rest are rejected (2000 bottles). Why they are rejected? It could be damaged packaging, incorrect/skew labelling etc. These reject will never be thrown away. They have their own vendor for disposal. Since there are so many manufacturers for these branded perfumes, it will be enough for people like us to trade them… Factory reject outlets are no longer strangers among us (although not common in SA), there are many stores  worldwide.

Factory stock of many branded items are sold around the world. Are they selling fake items? No, they are their own original brands, but it’s sold with lower price tags as they are AAA grade reject items…

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